Representative Cases


Dwight Golann has:

  • Resolved claims by businesses and shareholders over contracts, joint ventures, franchises, software development and installation, business practices, patents, warranties and other matters.
  • Mediated claims ranging in value from $50,000 to $1 billion.
  • Resolved employment claims against companies and educational institutions alleging racial and sexual discrimination, denial of promotion and benefits, sexual harassment, non-payment of wages, and violation of non-competition agreements.
  • Settled disputes between buyers, sellers, and brokers over the sale and development of commercial and residential real estate.
  • Successfully mediated patent, trademark and copyright cases between companies and intellectual property claims arising from joint ventures.
  • Resolved construction disputes among owners, contractors, subcontractors, insurers and architects, involving numerous parties, arising from the building and renovation of office buildings, condominiums, schools, energy facilities and private residences.
  • Mediated malpractice actions involving lawyers, architects, accountants and other professionals concerning services such as investment advice, building design, financial audits, tax issues and estate planning.
  • Settled disputes involving physician, attorney, accountant and other professional partnerships.
  • Mediated insurance claims arising from fire and other property damage, mass torts, insolvencies, environmental contamination, health care and intellectual property sales.
  • Resolved cases involving American, European, Asian, South American companies and individuals arising from sales of businesses, competitive activities, fraudulent activities, and contract performance