Examples of Commercial and Business Disputes:

  • Claims by buyers of businesses that sellers, lawyers, and accountants misrepresented their condition.
  • Disputes among family members, executives and shareholders over control of businesses.
  • Claims by computer and other manufacturers that suppliers provided defective parts, resulting in liability to customers.
  • Lawsuits by investors and advisors alleging improper dilution of ownership interests in start-ups
  • Lawsuits arising from the restructuring and buyout of physician partnerships and from joint ventures between technology centers and hospitals.
  • Claims by employers and hospitals against HMOs alleging overcharges and underpayments.
  • Claims between authors and a publishing company for non-delivery of work and nonpayment for services, resolved through cross-conveyance of rights.
  • Claims to attorneys’ fee awards.
  • Class actions for alleged failure to pay foreign-recruited employees or to pay tips, and mass torts.
  • Claims that joint venturers committed breaches of duty and improper freeze-outs.
  • Contract/regulatory claim by a professional sports league against a media company.
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