Examples of Insurance Matters and Class Actions:

  • Coverage dispute between a purchaser of a high-tech business, a seller, and an insurer over warranties.
  • Claim brought by a manufacturer against its insurer for the cost of remediating groundwater pollution. Issues included liability triggers, the liability of insurers and re-insurers over different time periods and at different levels of coverage, and estimation of remediation costs over several decades.
  • Claims arising from fire damage to residences and commercial facilities.
  • Lawsuit by a bankruptcy trustee against the directors of a failed company and their insurer, based on the directors’ alleged failure to protect creditor interests.
  • Dispute between an international software developer and a U.S. company involving disgorgement and coverage conditions in an E and O policy.
  • Coverage disputes over a manufacturer’s claims to reimbursement of nearly one billion dollars for the cost of defense and indemnity payments in a mass tort class action.
  • Class actions for non-payment of wages and tips and violations of consumer mortgage regulations.
  • For other cases involving insurance coverage issues, see construction and real estate.
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