Examples of International Controversies:

  • Lawsuit by a U.S. company against an international competitor for recruitment of its foreign staff.
  • Lawsuit by the purchaser of a tourism business alleging that a consulting firm misrepresented the seller’s financial condition.
  • Dispute between a distributor of software in Asia and a U.S. company involving allegations of oral loans and other informal arrangements, resolved by a restructured business arrangement.
  • Dispute between a European publisher and a U.S. purchaser of a spinoff company over implementation of the sale.
  • Allegation by a foreign bank that funds were fraudulently transferred to an American company.
  • Cross claims between a European software developer and an American company concerning alleged defects in a manufacturing control system.
  • Claim by a U.S. company against an Indian consultant for errors in designing educational software applications and by an Asian company for improper termination of a distribution contract.
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